$500 Off Starkey Hearing Aids

Hear what you have been missing

$500 Off on any advanced Starkey hearing aids

Living with hearing loss can be frustrating, uncertain and lonely.

Hearing aids can help vastly improve your life. Now with $500 off a pair of Starkey hearing aids, you can change your life!

Our experienced hearing professionals at Hearing Health Care of Louisiana will guide you through the entire process. Our Starkey hearing aids are award-winning industry leaders in sound performance, so you can hear even in the most challenging listening environments.

  • Hear speech comfortably
  • Boost speech sounds to hear people wearing masks
  • Stream crisp, clear phone calls
  • Connect via Bluetooth®

Why Ascent Audiology and Hearing?

We are a devoted hearing aid practice featuring high quality, personalized hearing solutions and services. We have 8 offices, each with a dedicated, experienced team of Hearing Specialists that offer hearing consultations, expert hearing exams, hearing aid repairs and tinnitus counseling. We are committed to providing world-class hearing healthcare that allows our patients to hear better and live better.

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